23+ employees
36.000+ different SKU
14 Carstop garages
1700m2 2 floor warehouse
3.6 mln Euro turnover

AS Automeister has been a 100% Estonian capital based importer and wholesaler of vehicle spare parts and accessories since 1993.
We offer an extensive selection of internationally recognised automotive industry aftermarket products, which are, for the most part, in use as original vehicle parts and can all be characterised by a single word: quality.
The resellers of our selection of products are auto repair shops, auto parts stores and dealerships that value quality, speed, reliability and precision.
A warehouse selection and logistics that takes into consideration the needs and specific characteristics of the local market has been built up thanks to years of experience and close cooperation with clients.
Our team is comprised of experienced, hardworking and energetic people, who choose to improve themselves on a daily basis in order to be able to better market products and serve our customers.
We pass on our acquired knowledge and experiences to our customers, carrying out continuous product related trainings. As of April 2014, Automeister has been a part of the international purchasing group Nexus Automotive International SA.